Sep 16

Winnie Exploring 2015

biofoto When retirement dawned I decided to pursue an old dream.
I bought paper, paint and brushes and then took the first steps on becoming an artist.
After some time it seemed practical to do some formal study, so I took some courses after which I put what I had learned into practice, combined with my own ideas. Every now and again I would exhibit my work.
What began as a hobby gradually evolved into a new career.
My inspiration comes from dreams, events in daily life, news items and occasionally I’m inspired by a landscape or a still life and I love to paint animal portraits.
The result of me entrusting my inspiration to the canvas often leads to the created image starting to lead a life of its own.
I paint with acrylic as well as oils on paper, panel and canvas.

  • Exhibitions from 1994 until today:
  • Various “Open House” exhibitions
  • Yearly exhibition of work by the Beauregard students in Maarssen
  • Mozes and Aäron Church in Amsterdam
  • Gallery De Vispoort in Harderwijk
  • Studio Buri in Amsterdam‎

© Winnie Waalwijk Art – Design: Artgrafica – Productie: BastiaanBoekling


  1. Isabel Carvalho

    Looking forward to the opening!

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