Mar 16

TEXTURE — An exhibit of Transcendent Fiber Art

Fine Fiber Art Exhibit

Joan Blade Johnson             Melanie Johnston                 Shelia Rae Lutz

March 28 through April 26

Opening Reception March 28, 2015 4pm-8pm

Fiber is woven into the history of humankind. It shelters us, it carries us into the heavens, it sails us across seas to new discoveries, it warms our babes, and wipes our tears.   But it can also inspire, move our spirits, and cleanse our souls.  When it does that, it transcends into something unimaginably beautiful…into something that only our spirit can understand.

QVCAH is proud to have found three Fiber Artists who capture this very thing.  TEXTURE — a collection of fine fiber art — will be on exhibit in the galleries of QVCAH from March

Joan Blade Johnson

I am a fiber artist living in Connecticut.  I have long been interested in all things fiber beginning with traditional quilting.  In the last several years, I have become fascinated by the entire creative process involved in composing fiber art pieces using non-traditional methods and materials to achieve my vision, most often inspired by nature and original nature photography.

Melanie Johnston

I am a Connecticut based artist working with textiles to create art quilts. My subject matter ranges from the realistic to collage and abstract. I use commercial and hand dyed cotton and silk as well as any other interesting fabric that strikes my fancy.  I particularly enjoy dyeing and painting my own fabric using a variety of techniques to create my own surface design on fabric. Machine and hand stitching add wonderful texture.


Shelia Rae Lutz

My work with textiles demonstrates a sense of child’s play.
I will incorporate found objects, buttons, jewelry, and sometimes other women’s work as a way of finishing that project with respect ;or what ever appeals to my raccoon sense of joy. I especially enjoy color which has had me enchanted since I can remember. Most of my pieces — if not all — tell a story from my unique perspective of personnel experiences and music.
I received my art education at Barnes Elementary School in East Hartford ,CT.

Quilt as Art

Joan Blade Johnson and Melanie Johnston are Connecticut based quilt artists who have exhibited nationally and internationally. Art Quilting is an art form that uses both modern and traditional quilting techniques to create art objects. Like other artists, quilt artists draw from their experiences and ideas rather than traditional patterns. These artists use many different processes to create their artwork, including painting, dyeing, stamping, piecing, collage, printing (often incorporating a photograph printed onto fabric), and other complex cloth processes. Art quilts have more in common with the fine arts than with traditional quilting and are either wall hung or mounted as sculpture.

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