Art Schools in California

California is such a great place to fulfill your artistic ambitions. It is the place where the sun is always shining, and the sky is always blue. Everything about this state speaks of its artistic nature and creative environment. California is a great choice for those who want to apply to art colleges. The place itself serves as an inspiration and motivation for a young artist to learn and create. California can offer a list of art schools that you should definitely consider. Here are just some of them.

ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena

This art school doesn't leave you a chance to back out. ArtCenter College of Design does not have a general study program for the freshmen. Hence, you have to be sure of what you want to study. In this case it's either art or nothing. The college accepts up to 2,000 undergraduate students each year. The school program allows a lot of interdisciplinary classes. Thus, students can try out different forms of art before they settle down. ArtCenter offers such programs as Photography, Cinema, Fine Arts, Design, Advertising, and more. The college also finances the best students' projects designed to promote social changes. If you want to live and study among the vast artistic community, ArtCenter College is exactly what you need.

California Institute of the Arts, Valencia

California Institute of the Arts in Valencia is one of those places an artistically inclined child can only dream of since their first time of holding a brush. The college is rather tough on admission due to its popularity. On average, it accepts only the quarter of all applications, which is about 1,000 students each year. Though, there is a good reason why the California Institute of the Arts is that strict. Each student here receives a personal mentor, who helps them to develop an independent study program. So you won't be lost wondering "how can I do my homework?". You'll have help.
The college has numerous workshops, such as media labs, metal or woodworking, mold making and much more. The college also has quite a few exhibition galleries where the best students present their works. This prepares students for their future life of successful artists. There are various art programs available to students, such as Photography, Graphic Design, Art, Animation, Cinema, and much more.

California College of the Arts, San Francisco

California College of the Arts in San Francisco is unique by its student-teacher ratio, which is about 8:1. Hence, every student gets the chance to spend some quality time with their professors. Such an individual approach reduces any chances to pay someone to do homework for you, though it enhances your progress as a future artist. The college enrolls up to 1,500 students every year.
Every first-year student always participates in the art exhibition by the end of the school year. Moreover, each student always has an analysis of their portfolio after each school year. The college is rather a career-oriented. It strives to create good professional opportunities for its students, and develop a wide networking environment. The college offers such school programs as Sculpture, Architecture, Animation, Painting, Fashion Design, Photography, Film, and more.


These three California based art colleges are just the tip of the iceberg. It is most likely that you can find what you are looking for in these great art schools. Though, if you haven't found what you need on our list, don't be discouraged! Keep on looking. California has a lot to offer to young, creative, and artistic people. We wish you good luck.